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Welcome to my Blog, this site and commitment to consistently posting has been a long time struggle. All from learning various platforms to post to and balancing work, studies and creating Blog posts that are worth reading for you folks. This Blog, TheITBlog is truly my passion. The posts here I take my time to research the topics I discuss and take pride in putting together informative content that you can use in your individual Technology Career and if you are a business owner, the Blogs I post are crucial so that you may be aware on how to protect and maintain your technology infrastructure. I hope you enjoy the information here, know I am eternally grateful for your visit, come back again!

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My Story

I have the typical technology professionals back story, did terrible in High School and computers always caught my interest. Around 8-13 years old I was troubleshooting home internet issues for my parents and always believed computers were amazing technology. Even now, I still get amazed on what is possible with technology.

After High School I went to work at a Lowe's warehouse. I truly had no idea about my future, in 2010 (when I graduated High School) I just wanted a job. After a few years working for Lowe's I knew I wanted more out of my life. I decided to take on a Network Management Degree from DeVry University. Not knowing, the Network Management degree was exactly for me, my interest in Business and the mind puzzles that come with Networking all in one degree.

Fast forward several years, I would consider my career pretty successful, with way more to go. For a long time I had interest in starting my own Blog, a place where my creativity can be shared with whomever takes interest in what I put together. This Blog is a repository of 8 years experience (and counting) in my Technology career. I hope over time these Blogs help someone as they are researching topics to answer questions for their managers as I did all those years ago (and still do). This is my contribution to the Technology Community Space, although small, I hope you find my posts useful as you progress in your career.


Feel free to reach out to me, Let's conect!

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