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ICND1 - TCP/IP / DoD and OSI Model

Use this chart I created. Commit them to memory. The CCNA is a tough exam but I don't believe it's the concepts, I believe is the time restraints. You must know answers to questions for variety of topics within a minute or fail.

These tables are key topics, commit them to memory. Several questions in the CCNA exam involve the understanding/memorization of these tables.

TCP/IP - DoD Model | OSI Model

Process / Application | Application, Presentation, Session

Host to Host | Transport

Internet | Network

Link | Data Link , Physical

The TCP/IP Protocol suite

Process/Application | Telnet, FTP, LPD, SNMP, TFTP, SMTP, NFS, X-Window

Host to Host | TCP,UDP

Internet | ICMP, ARP, RARP, IP

Link | Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Token, FDDI

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